Thursday, 1 October 2009

Emma Watson

Okay so i am sooo stupid! I have been really busy this week with my first week of official Uni lessons i completely forgot to post about loads of stuff that i had saved on my pc! So my main love was Emma Watson at the Burbery show! How flawless and AMAZE? Very! I love her already but i love her even more after seeing her in her sparkley gold mini dress it was so fresh and young and very different for her!


I have this love hate relationship with Megan Fox i love her but at the same time i think she is abit fake. She seems to tried hard to be "real" but comes off appearing big headed and cocky sometimes. However i think she is the most stunning person i have ever seen! So i love that haha! I adored her cover shoot with Nylon she looks so young and trendy without looking slutty.