Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Okay so i have been searching through Deviant Art in order to build up reference material for uni and it amazes me how fab some people are!!! My Deviant Art page is is you want to find more work by the people who did these they are all in my favourites! So i think today will be devoted to my graphics tablet!


I am all alone because my parents are on holiday for two weeks!!!! :[ I do enjoy being alone but two weeks a quite intense. I had a great time on my trip to Leeds managed to pick up some more Barabra Hulaklini pieces from Topshop in the sale! Yay! I got some stuff for my Pandora bracelet and ate alot of food :]

I just finished the first book from the "Sookie Stackhouse" series called Dead until Dark which is now the first series of the tv show True Blood. As a vampire/paranomal romantic junkie i was more than looking forward to this series! However i felt the only way to give it a good jugement was to read the books before hand and WOW i am impressed! They have stuck to the book near word for word so far which is most likely the reason for its crazy sucesses! Fans like to see some extra wow factors in movie or tv adapts but we still want the same story! So i am now longing for a southern accent and a truck haha

I remeber the first time i ever seen the teaser posters for this series last year in Us Weekly and i was like WOW! They had such an awesome advertising campaign. So i'm thinking about just watching them all on DVD instead of waiting and watching them on FX! I do have to warn you this is no Twilight this is dirty southern vamps who do lots of sex and kill people! haha

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Ok so it may sounds harsh but i was never a fan of topshop i felt like the stuff was dull and everyone and there friend had the same top/dress etc! However i think the past 2 years it has improved loooooooooads! And i am in love with the new Emma Cook for Topshop range! I'm going to Leeds for a couple of days so i'm going to see if they have any of the range in there Topshop!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Walt Disney World

I never thought not going to Disney World this year would make me feel so sad :[ I have been looking at photos on Flickr and i makes me miss it soooooo much! Nothing makes me feel as good as trips to Disney, i just adore every little thing about the place! I would love to work there i don't care that a wages are rubbish and it's too hot i just can not see how you cannot love the place!

Is it pathetic that it is most definatly my dream to get married in the wedding pavilion at the Grand Floridian in Disney Florida? Most likely but how can you not think this is goooorgeous!?

I have decided i REALLY want to go to The Royal Table in Cinderellas Castle for a meal when i go next year! It's a really cute fancy resturant where you get posh food and can meet the Princesses! It looks sooooo good!

And i found this! It's a glass sliper proposal! Disney organise it for you when you go for a meal in one of there resturants! HOW ROMANTIC AND CUTE IS THAT?!?!?! very!


Monday, 13 July 2009


I got a Pandora bracelet the other night which is exciting since i have been wanting one for aggges! I have been looking at what charms i want to get and i think i actually like the Chamilia companies charms better than the Pandora ones! I definatly need some Disney ones i think the first one i am going to get in a Minnie Mouse head!

How cute please?!

Friday, 10 July 2009

HP NYC!!!!

I Looooved Emma Watson's dress for the NYC Premiere for Half Blood Prince! Although i thought the vintage dress was stunning i really like the younger style dress she has on here. Obviously taking into account the venue and weather it wasn't that appropriate for London's hail and downpour! haha I really like the leather bodice with the white light weight skirt its really femaine but still edgey!

I think everybody generally dresses better for the NYC premiere! Bonnie Wright looked gorgeous in a really cute take on the LBD! It's really sophisticated but still young and cute!Spesh love the red multi buckled heels with the matching lipstick! FAB

Next on the list is Tom Felton! I don't often get excited by mens wear but LOVE the whole rat pack look he has going on! He looks so stylish! I can even excuse his WAG gf and the bleached Draco hair! haha

Also! New guy alert! He is playing Cormac McLaggen in the new film and i can't believe how old her looks! I think it's just with seeing all of the other actors growing up you don't realise they are all 19-20 now!



One thing i always ment to blog about but kept forgetting is Britians Next Top Model! I was very disappointed that Jade didn't win but wasn't suprised as her eating disorder past would have been to "controversal" blah blah blah! Anyway she was FAB her final image as Eva Peron actually nearly made me cry that is a model! I love it when photographs just wows you i think it's rare it happens but it's totally worth it when it does!

I am Super bored today, so after reading this months Vogue i decided i really liked the cover this month! It made me want to have a look online for covers i really liked from the past couple of years! I think my overall fav might be the September 07 cover with Sasha Pivovarova!


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

harry potter!

YAY! only one week until Half Blood Prince is released! I am very excited, it was the premiere in London last night which was almost as excited as going to see the film! As usual Emma Watson did not disappoint! She looked fab in a floor length floaty dress very cute! Kinda vintage esk as well

I also liked Bonnie Wright's (Ginny Weasley) dress which was really cute and young not quite as sophisticated as Emma's!

But oh my lord bomb of the night was the new girl who plays Lavander Brown she looks like she streched a four year olds clothes Not good at all when your standing next to alot of young stylish people! Perhaps she will do better next year?