Thursday, 16 September 2010

Miley Cyrus

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I don't know if it down to her or her stylist but i am loving Miley's wardrobe at the moment! I've always had a soft spot for her but i think she looks even more young and trendy now she has gotten rid of her hair extensions! I love the mid length cut it really suits her and makes her look alot older. She has been sporting super cute rocky/boho outfits with Alexander Wang amazing shoes or some Topshop clogs which are to die for! I just die over her oversized vest/tees/cardis/jumpers that i want to go out and buy everything she wears!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Rebecca Taylor

I really liked this collection although it was quite similar to the Charlotte Ronson in my opinion but a little more "fashion". I think the reason i like it is my love of maxi's again i hope it isn't clouding my judgment! I love the pretty chiffon fabric's against the thick knitted jumpers or against the thick maxi skirts theres something very pretty about it even though i shouldn't work!

Charlotte Ronson

I had never taken much interest in Charlotte Ronson and branded her as a "famous" ish designer who was rubbish even though i'd never really saw anything by her! Terrible i know. However i really like this collection, every piece is so wearable! I have a thing for maxi dresses in winter so i loved the styling of this show teaming maxi's with hats and chunky knits!

Zac Posen

I thought this show was so cute! It was fun and young and actually reminded me alot of Betsey Johnson shows! I love to see pretty dresses and cute florals but the collection still had an edge to it because of how it was styled and everything was teamed with tough shoe boots. I don't really like the make up it was kind of child in mams make up bag but it kind of worked with the styling. I was great to see Crystal Renn in this show, she has lost some weight but it definatly not under a uk size 12 and that still makes her plus sized next to all of those size 0!

Victoria Beckham

I had a look at this collection out of interest because i'm constantly seeing it on everybody in magazines! However i have to say i am not verty impressed, i really don't like the styling of the show. The girls look like there about to fall over and die at any second! I also wasn't blown away by the models that were chosen i didn't think any of them really showed the collection of well to the people that wear the dresses! They should have had sexier bouncey haired girls not young skinny models, I also would have liked to have seen a different gown instead of the same one in black and white! I'm interested to see some celebrities in them because i think that they will look lovely.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan was on the red carpet for her new film the other day wear a Christopher Kane Resort 2011 dress. The dress was the final look of the collection although it looks a little different in the lookbook! Thats because alot of the dresses from this collection had zips around the skirts so that alot dresses could be made short and short dresses into long ones! I think it's a brilliant idea and she yound british actress it's great to see Carey supporting birtish designers!

VMA's 2010

Usually a VMA's are the chance to see young Hollywood in fab young fashionable edgy looks! I was very disapointed with what people were wearing this year theres no ohhh thats amazing or omg thats hideous looks it's all middle of the road type dresses! The only stand out dress for me was Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen, I adore anything McQueen so it was pretty much a no brainer for me! The dress is amazing and i think very understated for Lady Gaga if it was paired with some black heels instead of THE McQueen shoes it would have been a very presentable look!
I really liked Selena Gomez in a Reem Acra dress just because it's exactly what i've wanted to see her in for ages something that makes a statement and that is more grown up! I think she looks beautiful. Ashley Greene wore a Giambattista Valli mini which was nice but it would have been nice to see her with a smile on her face! Your at the VMA's be happy! I love Taylor Swift i think she's lovely and classy but i wish she would step outside the box for once she always looks like she's going to the Oscars! She a mega star singer she can wear anything she wants! She went for a D+G strapless nude coloured prom dress which was a snooze.
Emma Stone wore a really cute Pucci leather look mini dress (finally someone looking abit edgey!) but i don't think she had the attitude to work it she looked a little shy and awkward. Katy Perry wore a Marchesa mini which was flesh toned netting with a black design covering her lady parts, the bottom half of the dress is then a totally different puffy white design! I feel like Katy can work alot of looks so this dress looks good although it reminds me alot of the nude dress she wore earlier this year that was covered in crystals and that was way sexier and cooler than this Marchesa which seems confused as to what kind of dress it wants to be!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Here are some images from the new Biba Lookbook for the line at House of Fraser! I really like some of it although it is very over priced. Biba never used to be expensive it was affordable for everyone which was why it was so popular but i see that they want to make it a luxury brand. I really like the Flower printed long sleeved dress which is very 60's! I also really like the leopard coat but i could get a fur leopard coat anywhere so to me it's not really that exciting. However i really like the idea of doing jewelery and bags! Biba relaunches on the 9th of September at House of Fraser!



I'm so in love with jumpers and cardigans it's ridiculous. I get so excited about knitwear i think it can totally change your outfit in a second at the moment i'm constantly wearing a black H! by Henry Holland oversized cardigan which is covered in holes and delicate bits of wool. However my bracelets keep catching on the holes and clicking it! I really would love a maxi cardigan i think it would look so cute with leggings, oversized tshirt and boots! Theres something about winter clothes that does it for me in a way that summer wardrobes don't! Although ironically i now look forward to wearing my denim shorts with thick tights!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Borrow and Return?

I read a great article in Look magazine today and websites that hire out designer clothes, shoes and hangbags! (I don't know why i have never checked it out before as i had heard about it) I quickly got online to have a look and soon became far to excited by the whole idea of it! The best website i came across was they offer a huge collection of designer dresses and some handbags. It's such a brilliant idea if you want something wow for your christmas party or for a wedding as you can sometimes spend up to £200 once you have put your high street outfit together! So why not jump online and order a fab Marc Jacobs dress? I soon discovered that websites like this would be far to dangerous and addictive! I started ohhing and ahhhing over the dresses they had on offer and start saying to myself "oh only £289 for this Christopher Kane dress for 2 nights". Which is wheni realise i need to step away!
So i checked out which has a great selection of bags if they had an Alexa in stock i may have been tempted to give it a try however theres a waiting list for most of the popular bags and styles!
Have a look at these sites and see what you think! If anyone has any other good hiring sites let me know!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen collections are always my fav and this was just perfect in everyway i loved all of it and i would love to see it more on the red carpet!