Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Borrow and Return?

I read a great article in Look magazine today and websites that hire out designer clothes, shoes and hangbags! (I don't know why i have never checked it out before as i had heard about it) I quickly got online to have a look and soon became far to excited by the whole idea of it! The best website i came across was www.girlmeetsdress.co.uk they offer a huge collection of designer dresses and some handbags. It's such a brilliant idea if you want something wow for your christmas party or for a wedding as you can sometimes spend up to £200 once you have put your high street outfit together! So why not jump online and order a fab Marc Jacobs dress? I soon discovered that websites like this would be far to dangerous and addictive! I started ohhing and ahhhing over the dresses they had on offer and start saying to myself "oh only £289 for this Christopher Kane dress for 2 nights". Which is wheni realise i need to step away!
So i checked out www.fashionhire.co.uk which has a great selection of bags if they had an Alexa in stock i may have been tempted to give it a try however theres a waiting list for most of the popular bags and styles!
Have a look at these sites and see what you think! If anyone has any other good hiring sites let me know!

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