Tuesday, 31 August 2010

2010 Emmy Awards!

I totally forgot about the Emmy Awards that the other night i just stumble upon the red carpet on E! I taped it so i could watch it the next day and there was some really nice outfits! My fav being Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen i love how she always takes risks with her clothes! It nices to see some different designs on the red carpet and not just strapless gowns.
My next favourites were Lea Michele in Oscar De La Renta i really like the navy blue colour although the strapless design is abit samey the ruffles make it abit more exciting. Dianna Agron from Glee wore Carolina Herrera which was stunning! She always wears quite vintage looking dresses which is refreshing to see! I Also loved Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad she may be one of my new fav red carpet dressers!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Need these shoes! I tried the black version of the cute lady face ones before but they only had one pair left and they were too small! Must find these shoes i could wear them to death!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Style Crush - Lea Michele

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

It's nearly that time of year again already, for me it couldn't come soon enough. Yes it's Harry Potter time, i try to concentrate on fashion while blogging but i always need somewhere to put my Harry Potter nonsense!
I feel so excited now after reading the reviews on Mugglenet from the first viewing of the unfinished Deathly Hallows part 1 and wow could it but true that FINALLY hp fans can be truley satisfied? According to them yes! They say this film stays true to the book like never before and that a hp has never satsfied them like this since Chamber of Secrets!
After seeing Half Blood Prince i didn't have high hopes for this film as i felt it lacked in story and went for cheap laughs when they should have been evolving the story into the serious story it is! I hope that these two films show Harry Potter for what it is!

Pixie Cut!

I just adore Emma Watson as readers of my blog will know! I was very shocked to pick up Entertainment Weekley and see a photo of her with fab cropped hair! I was unsure at first but now i love it! It totally suits her image she always looks so classy and lovely!

Burberry Make Up

I had noticed this Burberry Makeup campaign pop up in my glossy mags i while ago now but i didn't realise that it was available to buy already! I always love Burberry's campaigns there so british and young although i have to admit i am missing Emma Watson in the recent ones!
I would have loved to have seen Emma in these shoots and can't wait to see her in them with her new pixie cut! However i think that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks a dream in the adverts!

Daisy Lowe the face of Biba!

According to Vogue.co.uk Daisy Lowe as been chosen as the new face of Biba's autumn/winter 2010 collection. The brand is about to be relaunched and will be sold in House of Fraiser

"It was a huge honour to be asked, I've been a fan of the brand since I was very
Young," says Lowe. "When I started my modelling career, and when I first started to understand clothes, Biba was one of the first names that cropped up. I've always really loved Biba so when I was asked to be part of the campaign I was just ecstatic."

I'm quite excited about this as i just adored the Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop collection! Although i can take or leave Daisy Lowe i do think she will be brilliant for this collection as she has a very vintage look plus she is a normal sized girl which is fab!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Emma Watson for People Tree

A first look at the new Emma Watson for People Tree collection! Doesn't give to much away but looks like theres some nice knitwear in there. Personally my favourite piece from the first collection was the Knitted Cricket Jumper so they must have thought so too!

2010 Teen Choice Awards!

I love watching rubbish like the Teen Choice awards when there on tv and i was actually in america when they were on this year! So i watched some of them and it was very boring. So was the fashion! It seems like less and less people bother going every year!I didn't LOVE any of the outfit's everything was kinda of average.

Lea Michele in a cream and green Naeem Khan mini which was cute young and trendy! I liked the wedges with it!
Megan Fox in Isabel Marant i thought this was a really nice choice! It's nice to see her in something colourful and different i feel like i'm always seeing her in black, red or cream!
Hilary Duff in a green Hervé Léger dress was abit to much! The whole art of a Hervé Léger is that it's simple and stunning on it's own the key word being simple! I'm not keen on the mega necklace and hair piled ontop of her head, a more simple updo and no necklace would have been much nicer! She doesn't look bad but she doesn't look amaze
Nina Dobrev in a gorgeous Alex Perry dress which was probs the only dress i really liked from this night and ofc no one makes a glitzy dress like Alex Perry! Like the whole look very young Hollywood and cute!
Selena Gomez in BcBG Max Azria which was nice but boring! It's to similar to the floaty lilac Baby Phat dress she wore last year but not as nice! I don't like the shoes i feel like if she wanted to be edgey then do it and put it out there but it's just abit blah!!! I want to see her in something younger! You can still look classy and fashion forward!


Winter Wardrobe


I can't wait for Winter! Yes summers great you get time off etc but god i miss Winter clothes! Layers of jumpers and coats and tights and boots nothing beats it in my opinion. I am so looking forward to buying a new winter coat, I've had a little online look about already and Topshop have some really nice coats i really like this black one with the leopard trim however it looks a little shapeless and i am very very fussy about my coats! I definatly wearing tights with my playsuits to make them Winter esk as well as with girlie dresses and teaming them with boots.
I really like some of Topshops new lookbooks my favourite being Rough Diamond which is very rock chick meets girlie girl! I also really like Dark Nouveau which is very similar to the Rough Diamond look but is abit more chic and less cute looking!
I am very desperate for a job atm as i had to leave my other one but hopefuly i will find something soon and i have summer internship that i am applying for next summer so fingers crossed about that! (Although it is still in the early stages!)