Tuesday, 23 June 2009

history won't care at all

Today has been VERY dull! Not much to report from that but i did go and see We Will Rock You at the Sunderland Empire on saturday and it was very very good! Just as good as i remember from when i saw it at the Palladium theatre in London like 7 years ago! I was also very happy to find out that the guy who was Galileo will be playing the role of Emmett in Legally Blonde the Musical when i go see it in Feb!
I love We Will Rock You! Can't go wrong with Queen songs
Only fair to have a pic of Kerry Ellis since she IS Meat!

So now i am desperate to go and see Wicked again!!! WHY WONT IT TOUR!!!! I worry that when it tours i will have to see every night in the nearest venue... well depending on the cast i don't think i could witness people murdering it! It is such a brilliant show that is amazing when you see it live and a totally different experiance to listening to the songs! The costumes are AMAZING! I saw a video on youtube of people doing the behind the curtain emerald city tour at the Gershwin theare in New York and i was actually DYING! They were allowed to try on the original hat Idina Menzel wore for the show! WOW!

So i think the next big show i'm seeing is Legally Blonde not counting local tours! Which is exciting because it shut on broadway so i did ever think i would be able to see it! Thats what happens when you record a music no one wants to pay to see it! Sheridan Smith from two pint of lager is playing Elle Woods and suprisingly she is a very good singer! Of course she's no Laura Bell Bundy!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

blue blood

I've just started reading a new book called Blue Bloods and it's getting good! I realised that this is the first time i have read a new book in about 6 months because i have a habit of rereading books i love over and over that i love. haha anyway it's kinda Gossip Girl with vampires, totally fab! My kinda vampire book :]

I was shopping on ASOS earlier and was so so so happy that they have discounted the Disney Couture jewellery!! I have been dying over it for ages but do not think a woven bracelet with some charms is worth £75! well mabye when i have done overtime at work! So i bought the Tinkerbell charm bracelet and the Tinkerbell bangle that says "think wonderful thoughts". Very cute!I really want the blue woven bracelet and the Cinderella ring set with says "a dream is a wish your heart makes" mmmmmm
so now i'm bored probs gonna watch Big Brother which i think might be good this year but i'm probs speaking too soon haha