Tuesday, 23 June 2009

history won't care at all

Today has been VERY dull! Not much to report from that but i did go and see We Will Rock You at the Sunderland Empire on saturday and it was very very good! Just as good as i remember from when i saw it at the Palladium theatre in London like 7 years ago! I was also very happy to find out that the guy who was Galileo will be playing the role of Emmett in Legally Blonde the Musical when i go see it in Feb!
I love We Will Rock You! Can't go wrong with Queen songs
Only fair to have a pic of Kerry Ellis since she IS Meat!

So now i am desperate to go and see Wicked again!!! WHY WONT IT TOUR!!!! I worry that when it tours i will have to see every night in the nearest venue... well depending on the cast i don't think i could witness people murdering it! It is such a brilliant show that is amazing when you see it live and a totally different experiance to listening to the songs! The costumes are AMAZING! I saw a video on youtube of people doing the behind the curtain emerald city tour at the Gershwin theare in New York and i was actually DYING! They were allowed to try on the original hat Idina Menzel wore for the show! WOW!

So i think the next big show i'm seeing is Legally Blonde not counting local tours! Which is exciting because it shut on broadway so i did ever think i would be able to see it! Thats what happens when you record a music no one wants to pay to see it! Sheridan Smith from two pint of lager is playing Elle Woods and suprisingly she is a very good singer! Of course she's no Laura Bell Bundy!

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