Sunday, 14 June 2009

blue blood

I've just started reading a new book called Blue Bloods and it's getting good! I realised that this is the first time i have read a new book in about 6 months because i have a habit of rereading books i love over and over that i love. haha anyway it's kinda Gossip Girl with vampires, totally fab! My kinda vampire book :]

I was shopping on ASOS earlier and was so so so happy that they have discounted the Disney Couture jewellery!! I have been dying over it for ages but do not think a woven bracelet with some charms is worth £75! well mabye when i have done overtime at work! So i bought the Tinkerbell charm bracelet and the Tinkerbell bangle that says "think wonderful thoughts". Very cute!I really want the blue woven bracelet and the Cinderella ring set with says "a dream is a wish your heart makes" mmmmmm
so now i'm bored probs gonna watch Big Brother which i think might be good this year but i'm probs speaking too soon haha

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  1. i love the blue woven alice in wonderland bracelet :)