Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I am all alone because my parents are on holiday for two weeks!!!! :[ I do enjoy being alone but two weeks a quite intense. I had a great time on my trip to Leeds managed to pick up some more Barabra Hulaklini pieces from Topshop in the sale! Yay! I got some stuff for my Pandora bracelet and ate alot of food :]

I just finished the first book from the "Sookie Stackhouse" series called Dead until Dark which is now the first series of the tv show True Blood. As a vampire/paranomal romantic junkie i was more than looking forward to this series! However i felt the only way to give it a good jugement was to read the books before hand and WOW i am impressed! They have stuck to the book near word for word so far which is most likely the reason for its crazy sucesses! Fans like to see some extra wow factors in movie or tv adapts but we still want the same story! So i am now longing for a southern accent and a truck haha

I remeber the first time i ever seen the teaser posters for this series last year in Us Weekly and i was like WOW! They had such an awesome advertising campaign. So i'm thinking about just watching them all on DVD instead of waiting and watching them on FX! I do have to warn you this is no Twilight this is dirty southern vamps who do lots of sex and kill people! haha

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