Saturday, 20 February 2010


I've got back from a trip to London for a couple of days for my birthday and i had a great time! I went to see Legally Blonde the Musical which is currently staring Sheridan Smith as Elle Woods. When we arrived at the theatre there was signs saying Sheridan wouldn't be performing however we weren't sure if it was for a matinee performance or the night performance. After asking we found Sheridan was actually really ill she was taken ill a few hours before! (however there have been whispers since mid Decemeber of her poor health!) Luckily i wasn't really too bothered about who played Elle and i would prefer to see a musical theatre performer than a name. Thank the lord that Sheridan was ill (poor Sheridan! sorry) Amy Lennox was AMAZING in the same league as Laura Bell Bundy her accent was brilliant, acting was sincere and her voice was wow! She was Elle Woods through and through!
On Thursday night we manage to get some £30 for Wicked (in the dress circle) which considering i paid £85 for a ticket in the stalls last year is very good! Again the standby performed due to Alexia being ill and wow was she good! Possibly one of my fav Elphaba's! I've heard some of Alexia's performances on youtube and she over does the whole "wicked witch" thing which is not how i like the role to be played. However Ashleigh Gray was brilliant again No Good Deed was the highlight wow is that an awesome song live. FYI Apollo Victoria turn the sound up! I want the music to pound in my chest! hahaha Also very lucky that Sonia Rykiel for H&M launched today so i popped down and got a fab jumper dress and a cute jumper! I'll put picks up later!

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  1. ooo I need to go and see this new line desperado !!!! I think I'm addicted to shopping !!!! I bet the shows were amazing ! x