Thursday, 13 August 2009


I am so looking forward to the new Disney Princess films! I am a firm believer in 2D all the way! Nothing beats a beautifully detailed drawn idea converted into a film at all! I wasn't so excited about the Princess and the Frog until a saw some of the most recent stills and pictures. I think that the film looks so beautiful and her dresses look fab i love the petal style detail on her ball gown to contrast the whole frog lily pad thing! So cute! Disney animation is some of the most gorgeous artwork in my opinion!

I am super exited about Rapunzel for numerous reasons! One being the gorgeous teaser images that were realeased showing the Prince climbing up the tower using her hair! I love the old fashioned fairy tale look of the whole image it looks gorgeous! Second Kristen Chenoweth!! She can do no wrong and is a BRILLANT actress/singer and overall performer!!! I adore her she was made to be a Disney Princess after all Galinda from Wicked was only a train ride away from Andalasia in my opinion!

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