Sunday, 16 August 2009

Teen Choice Awards

So unfair we don't get to see the TCA in England! I know it's all gags and being slimed but its the cream of the crop of young Hollywood! After looking at the red carpet pics i was mistaken! Everybody was dull! Very dull!
Slutty Cyrus being extra slutty on a pole! 10 points on the hoebag scale! I actually have a love hate relationship with Miley one minute i hate her and then i love her, lets hope i love her when i go see her in Manchester in December! She just dresses way to inapproprate and sexy for her age! Why can't she embace being 16 and have fun with it? Don't go all Vanessa Hudgens on us Miles!
KStew looking utterly hideous AGAIN!!!! I know she's got new hair for being Joan Jett and everything but why doesn't she work it instead of looking like a greasy rat all the time?!?! You have endless money get someone in to give you some extensions or SOMETHING?!?! Rock and Republic actually made a point of everyone knowing this was there dress omg if this was one of my creations i would have been pulling it off her on the red carpet!!! I dunno how she can be a leading lady with no likable qualities or confidence?

Take note KStew!!! This is what a leading lady looks like!!! Megan Fox is to die for! She always looks perfection (i can forget about the minor greased back hair of the MTV Movie Awards) She looks like a mermaid here!!! I can't wait to see Jennifers Body! 10/10!

Selena Gomez working being young and still looking classy and older than 16 without the short skirt and pole! I was suprised when i heard with was Baby Phat! It's gorgeous and the colour is perfect for her!
Love this outfit soooo much! Leighton Meester looking like a 1950's housewife in Louis Vutton! Die! Everything about this is perfect!

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