Sunday, 16 August 2009

When i went shopping the other day i finally managed to get the Topshop "Kiss Of A Vampire" Tshirt i had been looking for all over! It is very cute! Then i noticed that it's actually what Taylor Momsen is wearing on the cover on this months Teen Vogue!! Good Choice! I really like the version of the shirt in the Topshop promo stuff for the new "Horror Girl" range with batwinged sleeves but they obviously haven't produced it and went with the more saleable tshirt instead!

Speaking of Taylor Momsen ever since i was her in these Emma Cook boots i was dying over them!! Unfortunatly there is no chance of me getting a pair but i can get the next best thing a pair of wedges from her fall 2009 collection for Topshop! They aren't quite as nice as the boots in my opinion but they are definatly winter proof and apparently V comfy! Hoping they come in more colours and styles!

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